Formatting Your MLA Paper

Screenshot of the title page of an MLA style paper, showing the page numbering and title block. Order of information is author, title, publisher, volume, date, page numbers, access date. Notice that your last name and the page number go at the right top corner of your page in a header.

Whichever author comes first, their name will be formatted in Last Name, First name format. The second author’s name will be in First Name, Last Name format. The following citation examples cover books written by one author and two authors. That way there is no confusion about which quotation came from which source material.

How do you cite a website in MLA format?

All paraphrases include references, similar to direct quotes. See the “Quotations” section of this guide to learn how to properly attribute your paraphrased information. Quite often, the running head begins on the second page, but your instructor may ask you to include the running head on the first page of the assignment. As always, if your instructor provides you with specific directions, follow his or her guidelines. The works cited list entry provides the complete details of a source. An in-text citation is a short citation that is placed next to the text being cited.

What is proper MLA font size?

Each line of text throughout an MLA paper is double-spaced. Choose a common font like Times New Roman, Arial, or Calibri. Font size should be 12 point. Make sure the font you choose clearly distinguishes italics from regular style.

The MLA outline should include the small letter “i” as a page number. This page will precede the first page of your report. Place your name about 2 inches below the title, as well as the names of any group members you may have. A title page how to mention a website in an essay is not required in a standard MLA report. The title and other information go on the first page of your report. Internet and digital sources with a continuously scrolling page without a page number do not need a page number in the citation.

MLA Title Page Format

If you’re new to writing an MLA style essay, don’t worry. Here is a video on how to format your MLA style essay in Google Docs. When adding a table or data set into a project, it is formatted a little differently. Above the data set, include the label “Table” with an Arabic numeral, and title it. The table number and title should be located flush left and on separate lines. The first table seen in the project is labeled as Table 1. The second table in the project is Table 2, and so on.

mla style writing examples

Cite your source in parentheses at the end of quoted or paraphrased material. As you can see, we have included the webpage link as well as the date we accessed the content. You to revise the language in an informative essay, a writer should work on the should also include your last name and the page number in the upper-right hand corner of your document. The title should be in title case; every word should not be capitalized.

MLA Examples

As shown above, each in-text citation must include both the author’s name and the page number where the information in the sentence can be located. You can put the author’s name in the classification and division essay definition sentence or in the parenthetical citation, but not both. The information in each in-text citation will correspond to an entry in the Works Cited section at the end of the paper.

  1. Check the page settings section of the program to locate the margin size.
  2. Next, include the title of the video in quotes, also punctuated by a period .
  3. While this information is usually found on the first page of an article, its placement can vary.
  4. This brief video will show you how to set up your document in MLA format using Google Docs.
  5. Begin the label with the abbreviation “Fig.,” which is short for figure.Assign an Arabic number.

Include a list of works cited beginning on a new page at the end of your paper. Download and save to your computer so that you will always have the correct format for writing. Type the following one inch from the top of the first page, flush with the left margin .

MLA Citation Style Video

If you’d like to use a different size, ask your teacher prior to submission. Each section provides an in-depth overview of the different components to keep in mind when developing an MLA paper. Double space the entire research paper, even the Works Cited page. This privatizing trend has particularly affected the criminal justice system. Since the early 1990s, privatized correctional facilities have increased significantly, nationally and statewide. By 2001, thirty states, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico had privately-operated correctional facilities .

  1. When it comes to school and research assignments, however, the MLAHandbook states that abbreviations should be used rarely in the prose of your paper .
  2. MLA format is an academic style guide created by the Modern Language Association.
  3. The following essays won the 2022 MLA Student Paper Contest.
  4. The works-cited list provides the reader full information so that a reader can locate the source for further use.
  5. The basic element needed for an in-text citation is the author’s surname.
  6. Their page, Formatting a Research Paper, explains how to format margins, text, headers and footers, page numbers, works cited, etc.

Label “Table” is flush left, followed by an Arabic numeral. Below are standard formats and examples for basic bibliographic information recommended by the Modern Language Association . For more information on the MLA format, see MLA Style Center. This often means examining the pdf version of database articles to locate page numbers. You need to cite all direct quotations, paraphrased information, and summarized ideas.

Basic Text Formatting Requirements in MLA Format

Once you begin writing your paper, you may need to break it up into sections to make it more organized and easier to read. MLA does not require a formal cover page, but you do need to feature a header on the first page. Make sure you intend to use a uniform heading plan throughout the whole document.

mla style writing examples

You can download your free MLA format example essay here. Your final word count in your MLA essay greatly depends on the assignment details given by your professor. Check with your professor to find out how many words your final essay should be. For high schoolers and freshman college students, beginner quote introductions essays usually run 3-5 pages. A common 5-page essay, double-spaced, typically runs approximately 1250 words. You’ll most often use MLA style in humanities subjects such as early creative writing, English, filmmaking, literature, philosophy, etc. Learn how to format your essay in Microsoft Word here.

How Do I Use MLA Format for Headings?

Parenthetical citations in MLA should include the author’s last name and the page number where you found the information. When citing a source in your text in MLA, use a parenthetical citation. The title of your research paper should then be centered on the MLA format title page. There is no need for it to be presented in bold, italics, or capital letters. Bibliographical footnotes allow you to add more relevant sources. Content footnotes allow you to add commentary or explanations about your topic. Citation at the end of your paraphrased portion with the last name of the performer and the specific time stamp of the song.

Here are the guidelines for formatting a paper according to MLA style. Unlike images, tables in your paper do not need to be marked with the “fig.” label. Instead, you need to include body paragraph of an essay the label “Table”, followed by an Arabic numeral. Similarly to images, tables in your work are assigned numbers based on the specific order of their appearance in the text.

Formatting Your Works Cited Page

Bold font is a wise choice for chapter titles as it shows a greater level of importance, while italics are less prominent and, thus, good for section headings. Meanwhile, subheadings, which are the least important of all heading types, are left in the standard font style. Usually, when you are citing a book or article, the author will be listed. For a book, cite the author’s last name followed by their first name and then the title of the work, the publisher and the publication date. Different rules apply for citing different resources.

  1. Drop down again to a new line and create a ½ inch margin before writing your introduction.
  2. The heading and the entire paper should be double spaced.
  3. To provide readers with sufficient details on the origin of the information used in the text, you need to list all sources on a separate page.
  4. A parenthetical citation is a type of in-text citation used in MLA style.
  5. This should include text and the list of works cited.
  6. This section focuses on the type of paper to use for printed submission.

Sometimes, page numbers or line numbers are also included, especially when text is quoted from the source being cited. Citation in prose is a type of in-text citation used in MLA style.


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